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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Oh yes, he's cute,he's furry and plushy,he's black and white, he loves eating, he's funny,he's overweight and clumsy. Meet Po,the big, fat panda!

"Get ready to feel the thunda!"

I had a good time watching him in the second Kung Fu Panda where he fights alongside the Furious Five. He has to confront his past when Lord Shen serves as a threat to Kung Fu and tries to conquer all of China. Since the first film, Po has pretty much overcome the physical challenges of Kung Fu, this time having to face its spiritual challenges when he is afflicted by vague images from his past.

"I'm not the big fat panda, I am the big fat panda,Skadoosh!"

What I like most about this particular panda is he's personality, an easygoing, and can often be playful and cocky like a big kid. He's clumsy, portly, and having low self-confidence, only dreaming he could be a great Kung Fu warrior while feeling stuck in his unfulfilling life at his his father‘s noodle shop. But when given the chance, he is all too eager to learn Kung Fu the hard way, enduring physical beatings as well as insults, in hopes of changing who he is and becoming like the Furious Five, who are his idols. But Po finds the inner strength to save the Valley of Peace by using his own skills and ingenuity, and in the end he becomes his own kind of hero. Simple and good-natured, Po doesn't seem to hold grudges, even against those who doubt him or treat him with contempt :)

I've seen some of the comments made by some reviewers on this animation, most of it says that it is a good movie and I don't really quite understand on some comments saying that this movie is a waste of time, stupid, and so on. Well, for me it's a good action-packed animated story. Worth seeing and enjoyable.

One thing I noticed, other than the "if you believe in yourself, then you can..." was that it encourages you to have a little faith in the most unsuspecting of people. We all can at times be the critic and limit each other, but this film challenges that. Again I thought it was great and I believe that by believing in ourselves and others then world can only become a better place.

Po & the Furious Five

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