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Friday, June 3, 2011

just another thoughts on music....

I fell in love with the piano since my childhood
I played the keyboard (no, not the computer keyboard) until early morning today, because I just couldn't concentrate on playing any melody with my niece and nephew kept on pressing the other keys on the keyboard. So I waited until they slumbered  into their 'dreamland'. So I continued playing my favorite piano pieces. No, I don't call myself an expert in piano, I don't really 'read' music notes, I don't even attend any piano classes. I play by ear, and play whatever songs that's inside my mind. Have I ever composed a song? I guess, yeah.. Sometimes I don't even know what song I'm actually playing, because I'm letting my emotion flows through my finger and spontaneously play a song. It may sounds crappy, it may sounds beautiful, but what ever it is, I'm just expressing myself/feelings. Yes, I do envy with those who could play the piano 'properly' ( by this I'm referring to being able to read the musical notes), wishing I could do what they can. But I guess, there's no reason to envy, as I realize, the fact that I'm not able to read musical note properly, had me thinking that I am actually 'better' than them (who relies a lot on the note).I don't need musical notes. And I just thought that, music played by those who play by ear and by heart,sounds more 'beautiful' compare to those who are struggling reading the music notes....   

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