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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Borneo Carnivore Symposium 2011 (BCS2011)

I guess I was very lucky to have the opportunity to attend the 1st Borneo Carnivore Symposium. The symposium is a collaboration between the Leibniz Institute for Zoo & Wildlife Research (IZW) in Germany and of course the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD). This is the first symposium (on wildlife) being conducted in Sabah with the theme "Road Towards Conservation Action Plans". 
My BCS teatime was used to 'photographing' ;)
I must say that I am grateful to be able to meet some of the well known scientists and researchers on conservation that come from different part of the world. The symposium is divided in to 2 main parts ; Part I and Part II. One of the goal is to define potential conservation areas and to develop immediate strategies on long term conservation of the carnivore species in Borneo.
I am more than glad to be involved as one of the many participants in this symposium,even though I know nothing much about conservation( my actual field background is Environmental Engineering), but it has pretty much gives me the idea of what is actually going on with the wildlife and the status of the forests not only in Sabah but the whole island of Borneo.
Sundaland Clouded Leopard- it does look like one of my cats back at home:)
I am impressed on how the speaker could talk continuously without having to pause or think what to say or answer as if everything is already written in their mind (they are the experts anyway, of course they can speak very well). Should I be given a chance to study one of the carnivores in Borneo I would pick the wild cats specifically the Sundaland Clouded Leopard as my choice. Why? It's just probably because I like cats, and yes I do have many of 'em ( by this I am meaning to say the domestic cats not the wild one!). 
If it's not the wild cats, then perhaps it will be the otters specifically the small clawed Asian Otter. Why? Because they look like cats???.. LOL. Anyway they are cute and cuddly but be bear in mind that these animal are actually carnivores that could ripped out your hand once you touch them (well okay, on second thought, they are cute but they are not cuddly).
The Small Clawed Asian Otter (I have actually met the owner of this picture who is also a specialist in otter)-I heart this picture because the otters look like (again) one of my cats:)

I am supposed to join the rest of the participants and speakers for an evening party at Mamutik Island today before they continue the symposium at Rasa Ria on Thursday. But due to my not-so-very good- health condition, I just had to cancelled my participation of the party. The closing ceremony will be held at Rasa Ria Resort. 
What I have to say about this symposium is, I think it's an eye-opener and a good exposure as well as experiences for those who knows nothing much about the carnivores, and perhaps conservation (obviously like me)and a good effort to make the conservation action plans a reality!

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