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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Day at the 'E' Unit

So i went to the Endoscopy unit last few days-i was diagnosed positive with h.pylori and the fact that i'm having gastric, made it worst, so the doc called me to undergo treatment, unfortunately one of the procedure is to do the endoscope- I hate it.

There were a number of patient waiting for their turn (including me). One of the patient is a middle age man who looked so worried after knowing what exactly the doctor will do in the procedure. Being a first timer, of course, we were kept wondering how it feels, is it painful? I had some answers from those who had gone through it before, and i'm just not sure if they were just merely trying to scare us or they were actually telling the truth.  

And so it was my turn (i was the last patient). I kept on praying they could give me sedative to knock me out before inserting the tube. Unfortunately, I was not given any, and there i was, wide awake laying on my side with my mouth wide opened. 
This was the thing inserted into my tummy via my throat, looks pretty scary.

Was it painful? Oh yes, definitely, that i didn't realized i started shed tears due to the pain inside my lung as soon as i was asked to swallow the tube. I could feel the tube made its way down from my throat, lung and my tummy. I felt it twisting and moving, felt like a monster was trying to rip off my tummy to get out. 

The whole procedure took about 20 minutes, how i wished there is a better way to do it, or at least use a smaller diameter of endoscope. But on second thoughts, having to swallow the endoscope is far more better than having to endure pain caused by critical gastric. So my advice to all those of you who doesn't want to end up in the E Unit with a 1 meter tube stuck in your lungs and tummy, you better watch out with what you feed your tummy as the saying goes prevention is better than cure. 

P/s: i guess i should make Healthy Food as my BFF (LOL), but it's just so much easier to choose the unhealthy ones, *sigh* i hate to have to choose.

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