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Saturday, June 11, 2011


He had a circumcision today at the veterinary clinic.He was scared, of course, he had no idea of what was going on. We left him under the vet care for half a day, and I was glad to see him doing perfectly fine (though he's still weak).I'm sure he'll be wondering or perhaps feeling like he's missing one of his 'body-part' once he is fully recovered. 

The son and daughters
We call the 1st 'lil fella Kadot (derived from the word Polka dot- because he has so many little tiny black dots on his arms, belly and feet. And the one trying to touch the camera is Gipu (a friend of mine gave this name to her, derived from two dusun words Gitom and Purak, combined, hence the unique name). The last one is Siam, the odd one out:). We Suspected, that these three little kittens are the kids of the big daddy who just got his circumcision and obviously these kittens will be his only ancestor:).They have the resemblance except for Siam, she's the odd one out:).  

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