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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's a Coffee Story

Mum used to bring me for a cup of coffee at one of the coffee shop in town (well she called it 'kadai kupi'), and her favorite drink, of course, the well known Nescafe. So she took me, one day to her favorite coffee shop:

Shop owner: "apa ko mo minum"?
Mum: "Bagi Nescafe"
Shop owner: "kau moi?" (pointing at me)
Me: "Teh C' (smiling)
He arrived with our orders a few minutes later. Mum was just about to take a sip from the cup when...

Mum: "bos, ko punya nescafe ni banyak semut di dalam oo."
Shop owner: (looking at the Nescafe) Oooo, ya oo,.Itu gula aaa manyak sumut bah (smiling), itular ada sumut tu..(smiling and he walked away).
Me: (laughing).

At that point, I was not sure if the old Chinese man understand what my mum was trying to tell him, or simply ignore the 'little problem', - ants are harmless anyway, nobody really cares,just dip the dead ants out from the coffee and everything's alright . I am pretty sure you will do just the same thing at home if your sugar has been 'invaded' by ants.

Perhaps the coffee shop needs to learn more about giving a 'good customer service"....

Always make sure no dead 'alien' inside your drink ^^

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