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Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Ones

So...My Comot gave birth to four new kittens; two Siamese kittens and another two "Sylvesterian" kittens (they look very much like the daddy-my male cat,Akin). We have like 15 cats living with us, yeah i know it's quite a number. But 15 is not as much as you think compare to some people, I remembered how mum told us about the conversation she had with her cousin about cats:

Cousin: Soo... do you have any pets at your home?
Mum: Oh yeah, dogs and cats. I have like 15 (stressing the 15) cats!
Cousin: (in not-so-surprised tone)wow.... I have 25 cats and they are everywhere in the house..

*One thing i like it when mum told us a story, she likes to do voice mimicking.  

I haven't really have a name for him
one of the Siamese kitten
They look to me like twins ^^

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