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Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's Pixie All Over Again..

Short is cool.
So I made a 'vow' to myself not long ago, that I will never do my hair a 'pixie' again. But I guess, I had just broke the vow. Sometimes I just need a break from having a long 'straight' tress which I presume what most of the girls are nuts about nowadays (and perhaps the guys as well).  

Perhaps, it's just my 'nature' to be a little different at times. 
So what if I wear my hair short? At least I still have them (hair) on my head, it's just a 'lil shorter. And it will grow soon. So what's to worry? When it comes to cutting the hair short, most of the girls will freaked out and some may have a very TOUGH time to decide, which I find it a 'lil bit funny sometimes and yes, I don't understand WHY????? Well lets put in the 'malay-english slang' : " pixie/short still look cute and nice what" (LOL).

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