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Friday, May 13, 2011

Airport Scene

The plane touched down, and I made my way quickly to the ladies washroom while my luggage were downloaded from the cargo:

Man: (walking out from the ladies washroom)
Me: (stood bewildered thinking "what the hell he's doing inside the ladies room?")
Man: Uii, pa ko buat ni (pointing at me), p saanaa ko sebelah (pointing the men washroom without looking at the sign).
Me: Sir, this IS the LADIES washroom. 
Man:(Give one of those Mr.Bean's facial expression- owh ya knaw, when Mr. Bean did something wrong but pretending he's innocent..)

Obviously he really needs to pee that he lost his way to the ladies washroom.

Please look at the sign carefully the next time you are in the 'emergency' mode.

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