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Monday, September 13, 2010

Days in Elopura

Well, i just came back from the well known Sabah's lil Hong Kong, places of the primates! I was there not for a vacation; i was on duty. And this time i wasn't flying high in a chopper, but ridding' low on a boat. It was raining, the river was murky and deep down in my heart, i had this bad imagination of what were waiting for us down there underneath the murky water. To make things worst, i had my knee in deep pain (>,<)ouch! (past injury seemed to re-occurred).
Boat ride at Sg. Batang.

We stopped by to collect water samples.
So down we went to the river, the local called it Sg. Batang, a tributary of Kinabatangan River. I was scared of  falling into the water as the boat seemed unstable every time my colleague bent down to get the water samples and the water?,.. it was murky, it was dark, ... Dark Water?... hmmm... i brushed off the crazy idea i had in my mind that time. As we traveled down the river, the water gradually turned green. The surrounding was predominate by mangroves, egrets were everywhere and not forgetting the little mighty mudskipper! All in a sudden i started to enjoyed the boat ride; completely forgetting about my stupid dark water imagination ;).

We traveled for about almost an hour, taking water samples and photographs. I must say i like the tranquility and the scenery of the area, and yet it was sad to know that part of it will soon disappear. Blame it on the human development. I wish i could do something more to help those living things within the area, but i was there only for a little role play as an environmentalist. I did my part and had done my best..

Drive through the dust - the access road to our destination.

One of the site we went. Standing there, felt like i was in Arizona.
I found this 'lil fella somewhere at the site; i think you and i know what will happen next to it's life...

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