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Sunday, August 1, 2010


“1, 2, 3 smile!” at last I got these three little tot in place and style; perfect enough for me to make them fit into the viewfinder;). I love to look at those genuine smiles carved on these little ones’ faces. The joy they had when I took their pictures was radiated in their smiles.

Angel is my little niece, and those other two tots are her friends, best friends indeed. All day long, they were just playing non-stop running here and there, giggling and laughing at each other. Sometimes I found them pretending sailing in a big ship, other time I would find them hijacking a train, if it wasn’t a train then it would be a car. At other times I would find them laughing or giggling at each other. Well what can I say? There are just kids. Welcome to the kiddy world.

Though I could not really understand what were they laughing at or what made them giggled, they made me smile and reminded me that I was once a hyperactive gullible tot too ;) (Well not anymore hahaha). 

One day she’s going to thank me for taking this picture (LOL).  


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