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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coffee Anyone?....

I am not originally a coffee drinker, but i guess i have become one.  It smells good. It sure does taste good too. And it comes to a point where ever morning i would make myself a cup of coffee. It's like i need it to make me awake and alert in the morning. hmmm... does it means i'm addicted to coffee?....

I saw my sister posted something on her FB wall yesterday that made me think about the pros and cons of drinking coffee, so without hesitating, i went to googled it and this is the findings:

The Pros:
-coffee provide antioxidants.
-helps to reduce parkinson's disease, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, gallstones and kidney stones, alzheimer's disease, asthma.
-helps to improve mental perfomance

The Cons:
Obviously it causes a lot of health diseases i.e heartburn, affecting the blood pressure, cholesterol. And yes it may causes insomnia too.

hmmm.. My point of view?.. To those coffee lovers out there, it's okay to drink coffee, as long as we take it moderately.

Got this picture from a friend. So?.. which way you prefer? (^^,)

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