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Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm tired looking at the reports i am writing.. Well, well what can i say? It's my job for the last 3 years.. You guys might be wondering what sort of reports i'm talking about here. Ever heard Environmental Impact Assessment or famously known as EIA (among the environmentalist)? Nope? Ok i get it. Not so many people into environment or nature nowadays..

If i could do magic by snapping my finger, i would find myself lazing at the beach, underneath the coconut trees with a good book in my hand enjoying the sea breeze and blue sky or, or the sunset (^^,)..or with a DSLR taking pictures.


It's just an imagination. The reality? I'm still stuck in my office;(. So many things happened recently, up and down but i guess that's just the way life is. And I guess i really need a break or a holiday.. I mean a 'real' long holiday..Will plan for that soon..hmmmmmmmmm.......

Ciao for now..


One of my favorite place! Well i'm a beach-maniac after all (lol).


  1. hello :)
    i'm currently doing my degree in environmental science & we are studying that EIA thingy too! urgh. lol :P
    so u are working in env. department? cool! i might need your help someday. hehe.
    nice to know you! =)

  2. halluuu..ya workin' with the EIA thingy..hahaha,..i'm sure you know how does it feels like studying the subject..nice to know you too:)



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