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Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Another Thought

So it's July. Another 21 days and we are bound for August. I never thought that it's half a year now since I celebrated 2011, feels like I just celebrated it yesterday and that I was a year younger like just yesterday. Oh well, time flies very fast indeed. And I'm wondering what I have achieved in my life so far? Well does it matter anyway? Perhaps it does, to those really take life seriously. I am taking my life seriously but not up to the point that I don't enjoy my life and that everything is taken seriously, oh no, that's just not like me.

I have gone through ups and downs and my bittersweet memories collection have grown bigger. I fail and fall through out my life, I guess we all have been falling since our first attempt to stand up and to walk when we were babies. We cried, we may as well felt the pain it caused, did we stop trying? Nope, we stand up and continue to try walking until we succeed. It's true, that it's really hard to keep our head straight whenever we are in the darkest moment of our life- I went through that before, well I presumed everyone has gone through it before.

I believe everything that happened in our life happened for a reason. And I believe it's for a good reason. The ups and downs I had encountered in my life have strengthen me and I learnt a different approach to deal with emotions and troubles-perhaps I have reached the level of maturity in life as an adult?? I don't know, maybe.. 

And time certainly reminds me how precious life is and how I should really appreciate it. And so today, I thought, before I complaint about food, life, job,etc I will remind myself on those who don't have anything to eat at all, those who died early, those who are unemployed and wish had my job. And when depressing thoughts seem to get me down, I will remember to put a smile on my face and remind myself that I'm still alive and still around.

Life is beautiful, life is colorful, life is like a roller coaster, define anything about life as you like, I define mine as a Gift from the One who created it.

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be

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