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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Webify Me

So apparently this is how my internet look like, each items has its own meaning:

1.Disguise- Who are you? A mystery, an enigma, a chameleon that no one really knows. You know what you need to keep private, and what to show the outside world. Your identity is yours alone — wear them proudly, anonymous.= Yeap, I know what i need to keep private :P!

2. Puppet- Everything's better with a monkey in it. Monkeys are fun, smart, and optimistic. You got this crafty monkey because it reflects your own delightful optimism and playfulness. Or maybe you like bananas?= I am a bit playful and yeahh i like bananas they're healthy anyway:D.

3. Paint box- A symbol of risk and reward! You're no stranger to chance, to taking a walk on the 20-sided dark side. In the game of life, you're +10 Geekiness.= hmmm 50/50...

4. Tissues- An ounce of prevention carried in your pocket can be quite handy. You're prepared for those pesky little ailments that can crop up unexpectedly, and have the resources to deal with them. Gesundheit!= True!

5.Omamori-Fortune is yours, with this Omamori. You know that the best luck is the luck you carry with you, and having a guide sure can help.= hmm.. am i really that lucky?.. well counting all the blessings I have,.yeahh I'm lucky, but does it mean i have a luck?.. (blur).

6. Bussiness card- The mark of the professional — you've defined yourself in the business world, and earned a fancy title for your efforts.= hmmmm...

7. Shell- You like to set a course for adventure, your mind on a new experience. Your treasured memories are your reward. Therefore you richly deserve The Nautilus!= Totally Agree!

8. Makeup- 'Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart' said the poet Kahlil Gibran. But he never had to deal with high definition video. You are The Illusionist — master of your own appearance, poet of the eyeliner pen. = True!

9.Crayons- The symbol of unpretentious creativity and art. You are almost certainly imbued with a child-like curiosity and an unfettered imagination, enjoy self expression and bright colors. You are child-like, or may actually be a child.= Yes that's me!

10. Statue of liberty- Quick: look out your window. Any purple mountains' majesty? Amber waves of grain? We wouldn't be surprised, because you're in the U-S-A! = uh=oh.. wrong. I'm not livin' in the USA.

11. Noisemaker - PARTY! You got The Noisemaker! You make life a constant party that rocks the house and wakes up the neighbors — then invites them over. Everybody's having fun when you're around.= Yes i like party, but not really sure if i'm really a noisemaker?...

12. Carabiner- You have drawn the Mark of the Connection; Active, strong and reliable — that's you. People count on you to keep grounded at all times, even up in the air.= agree!

13. Pin- The Friendship Pin — an unbreakable bond between you and your BFF. It shows you are loyal, willing to wear your love on your sleeve (or sneaker).= so agree!

14. Dice- Ah, fickle chance. Who knows what a roll of the dice will bring. You live for the unknown — you look fortune straight in the eye and play the numbers she gives you.= hmmmm.....

15.Bandage- The adhesive bandage — mark of The Healer. You seek the perfection of the human form, or at least one less headache. =not really...

16. Key- Oh Master of the Keys, only you have the password to the deepest dungeons of my online existence. Let's keep it that way.= haha, i guess i have to agree with this one.

17. Origami- This is a symbol of a symbol, which makes it extra relevant to you. You look at this folded paper and see a crane — you know the power of imagination.= Yes that's me!

18. Swords- Party time? Excellent! You are the breeze that blows through a summer evening with friends new and old. The Cocktail Swordsman — or woman — knows how to parry with these weapons of social mirth.= :D

19. Buddha statue- Infinite kindness and fortune, they smile upon you. You're searches lead you to answers, and you're feeling lucky.=agreed!

20. Eyedrop- This vessel of curative liquid is your symbol, o power user! You are clear of vision, attack a problem at its source, and at the ready. You probably spend a lot of time staring at a screen, too. =hahaha, i have to say yes to this one as well:D

Not really 100% me though...:D but i like how they are put into pictures(^^)

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